Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?

At our e-commerce store, we strive diligently to ensure that the products you receive mirror the visuals presented on our website. It's important to note that photographs can struggle to convey precise colors, potentially leading to slight variations between the actual product color and the one displayed on our site. Rest assured, we are dedicated to promptly updating our website descriptions and images whenever we identify noticeable deviations in our products, ensuring your satisfaction.

Where can I view my invoice?

To get your invoice or order details, go to the "My Account" section. Then, click on "Orders." You'll see an option there to print, view, or download your invoice and order details.

How can I return an item?

If you wish to initiate a return, refund, or exchange, or if you have any further questions or clarifications, please contact us through one of the following channels:

Self-Service Portal:
Email Address:
Phone Number: +91 7835-000-678

We will keep you updated on the return status through EMAIL, PHONE, and SMS if all your contact information is registered with us.


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Post us at our registered address : G-2/252/18 Sangam Vihar New Delhi 110062